UMeT is the only tool you will ever need to manipulate metadata streams within your workflow
The most powerful engine to extract, modify and inject metadata in any existing media file, directly within your existing workflow
UMeT is the only tool that allows you to directly operate on your Film&TV frame-by-frame metadata: whether your source media is camera RAW or a conventional video or audio clip, UMeT can inject, modify or extract metadata from and to any file. Multi-platform, shipped with a powerful Python API, UMeT can be used indipendently or integrated within any existing pipeline.

Extract, Manipulate and Inject metadata

UMeT is simply the only existing platform that allows you to take full control over frame-by-frame metadata, whether from sidecar files or embedded within your media. With a set of powerful operators and a node graph interface, you can modify your clip metadata and save them back inside your original file, or export as new media files or sidecar CSV. Compatible with the most used file formats in the industry and with every major camera RAW files, UMeT opens the door to a set of new workflows never possible before.

"Today, one of the most significant distinctions between film and digital workflows lies in the absence of metadata within film scans. If we could find a straightforward method to incorporate camera and scene metadata into film scans, it would greatly enhance the accessibility of film workflows."

Simon Chubbock, Chief Operating Officer at Cinelab



Costume layouts to organise and conform metadata from different OCF. Save them as preset to use in CLI or Python automation.


Add functions to manipulate your metadata stream. Interpolate between frames, add powerful RegEx, convert units and datatype of a stream.


Import assets from a wide variety of formats to transform and adapt metadata from any need.

Auto-sync and merge multiple metadata streams in one

Synchronise and merge multiple metadata sources automatically in one. Take the metadata from a CSV and inject them into a media clip or duplicate metadata across different files. Fuse and interpolate metadata, such as positional or lens data, into new metadata streams. Add Timecode, reel ID or any lost metadata from a render. Bring back the original RAW camera metadata lost during the VFX pulls. Turn your analogue film scan pipeline into a full digital dailies workflow by syncing and injecting essential metadata in your scans.

“Across the post-production pipeline, our workflow heavily relies on metadata to streamline processes, particularly during times of workforce uncertainty. UMeT has proven to be an invaluable tool for us across various projects, allowing us to recover TapeID information that might have otherwise been lost during VFX pulls.”

Elliot Blakemore, VFX Editor


Auto Sync

Auto-create timelines with synced metadata tracks base on timecode.


Interpolate metadata streams at different frame base and datatype.

Multi-tracks Timeline

Manage multiple metadata streams with an easy-to-use multi-track timeline.

Automate your workflow from anywhere

UMeT is designed to fit in your existing workflow, work in the background among other applications and automatically perform its tasks. UMeT comes with UI, a CLI interface and a powerful Python API to allow any user to customise and integrate it within any existing pipeline. UMeT is also cross-platform with MacOS, Windows, and Linux support.

“On Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we’ve been utilising the latest RED camera with the most up-to-date firmware, surpassing even what REDLine had access to for processing the latest R3D files. We adopted UMeT to extract precise frame-based CSV files for each individual shot, ensuring accurate timecode and lens data integration. With a straightforward script, our data managers were able to efficiently process hundreds of clips daily across various units.”

James Metcalfe, Digital Image Technician



Umet offers an extensive and user friendly Command Line Interface to allow users to perform actions in the background, on several files, in one text command.

Python API

More advanced workflow can be achieved accessing UMeT python API, allowing for a complete end-to-end integration and interoperability of UMet powerful engine within your existing pipeline.

Watch folder

Set watch folders to process media on the fly using predetermined pipelines.

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