Reference stills, made PRO
FrameVault is a groundbreaking cloud platform designed to transform the way reference stills are generated, shared, and viewed.
FrameVault takes reference stills seriously. Designed for the critical eyes of DITs, Labs, Colourists, and Cinematographers, FrameVault presents an unparalleled platform that allows you to safeguard your creative vision, monitors color continuity and facilitates insightful creative and technical communication. No single platform can securely manage and share reference stills with the features professionals need most: uncompressed image quality, the ability to make annotations, and tools for comparing different looks or stages within the colour pipeline.
Until today: FrameVault is the ultimate platform that allows you to do all that and much more!

Stills, organised like dailies

Available as an online cloud application, iPadOS and iOS app, FrameVault integrates seamlessly into your workflow with studio-grade security through SSO Okta. It allows for organising stills as any other dailies platform: projects, shooting days, scenes, or simply folders. 
Assign detailed access controls at any project level, including time-based and feature-specific restrictions. FrameVault offers more than just sharing: you can make comments and annotations, burn in metadata and export stills for third-party platforms.

"Revolutionise your workflow with FrameVault! Organising stills is as intuitive as managing dailies, with the flexibility to sort by project, day, scene, or folder. Share, comment, and annotate with peace of mind. The detailed access controls and ability to export directly to third-party platforms have been game-changers. Truly more than just a viewing tool!"


Admin and Project management

Streamlined, secure user management for projects of all sizes. Enhanced management controls for roles and streams.

SmartBins & Naming Convention

Combine Smart Bins' automatic categorisation, metadata tagging, and custom search filters to access your stills fast for efficient project management and search.

MFA, SSO Okta Security and full encryption

Guaranteeing studio-grade MFA secure access while safeguarding data integrity and confidentiality.

Floating point precision, flexible colour pipelines and unique HDR capabilities

With FrameVault, compromise between quality and flexibility is a thing of the past. Our colour engine delivers uncompressed images with 16-bit half-floating point precision, supports 4K UHD resolution, and enables HDR reviewing. The platform offers detailed control over the colour pipeline through a layer-based system, supporting ACES AMFs, CDLs, and 3D LUTs. Use our wipe and versioning features to compare between different looks, versions of the same look or between other stills. Thanks to our scopes, make sure your image chain is under control!

  • HDR Review

    Experience your stills in full HDR glory, thanks to integration with the latest Apple EDR framework, providing an unparalleled HDR review experience.

  • Layer-Based Colour Processing

    Load raw images and apply custom colour transformations. Compatible with AMF, CDLs, and 3D LUTs, FrameVault allows for easy recreation and toggling of colour pipelines as layers.

  • Version Control

    Load multiple versions of a look on a still and compare them using A/B view.

  • Colour Analysis Tools

    FrameVault is shipped with industry standard colour analysis tools such as False colour, 2D/3D CIE Gamut, Waveform, Histogram and Vectorscope.

A power window speaks a thousand words

FrameCraft takes comments to a different league. Yes, you can leave messages and free draw annotation on your image, but you can also iterate with your current grading and make tweaks on your primary grade, add power windows and add an additional correction to them, so you can show how you like it change, not just describe it.

"Tweak your primary grade with power windows and apply further corrections, visually demonstrating your desired changes rather than merely describing them. Transfor how you communicate your vision."


Comments & Annotations

Collaborate effectively by adding comments or drawing annotations on stills, with full control over who can view them.

Custom Grade Version and Grading Tools

Clone a grade and modify it using simple but effective primary grades: Printer Lights, Exposure, Color Temperature, Lift, Gamma and Gain.

Power Windows

Draw custom shapes on your image and correct each power window individually within your own version of the grade. Share it to whom you want and only when is ready.

Synchronised frame-accurate metadata and burn-ins

Apply text or graphic burn-ins to your stills and inject frame-accurate metadata, ensuring seamless synchronisation with CineDev's FrameCraft and Altera or third-party applications via an intuitive API.

"Enhancing your workflow with burn-ins and frame-accurate metadata ensures perfect synchronisation with CineDev's FrameCraft, Altera. Streamline your post-production securely, revolutionising it with safe exports through advanced security."


Frame Extraction

Sync framing extractions into your projects from CineDev’s FrameCraft. Visualise stills in multiple deliverables formats.

Frame Accurate Burn-Ins

Burn-in free text or graphics, or load frame-accurate metadata as burn-ins.

Secure Export

Safely export your stills with advanced security measures.

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