Metadata management, automated

Altera is a clip-based metadata management application for camera footage and clip-data used by media professionals on-set and in post-production. Speed up the management of metadata workflows with powerful automation to add custom data faster and reduce costly errors.

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Streamlined workflows
from set to post

Check and verify the consistency of your metadata, saving hours of manual cross-checking and avoiding costly mistakes.

Fast-track your ALE turnaround

Import, alter, and export metadata in multiple formats.

  • Import/Export

    Import and manage metadata from standard file containers e.g. ALE, EDL and export into multiple different formats (eg .cdl, .csv).

  • Find & Replace

    Easily find and replace metadata to modify, add and fix your metadata, using powerful RegEx tools

  • Merge & Append

    Merge and append metadata from multiple files, even from different formats

  • Layouts

    Create custom layouts to filter and review your data

Altera provides smart tools to allow you
to keep your data under control

Smart bins

PDF Export

Shared project collaboration

Database comparison

Features and Tools

  • Import/Export
  • Layout
  • Smart Bins
  • Database
  • Check and Compare
  • Merge and Append
  • Report

Import metadata from a wide variety of formats to transform and adapt the metadata for any need. Merge and export to multiple different formats in one go. 

Customise layouts to help organise the metadata to suit your workflow and simply save them as presets for others to use.

Filter and group metadata attributes dynamically based on user-defined rules and keywords with Altera’s powerful smart bins. Work with an up-to-date list of clips that match the specified metadata attributes.

Import and create custom databases that work as a reference when performing a Check and Compare. Metadata can be imported from a CSV or from complex file formats such as MHL, CCC, or AMF. Filter and clean up file data to optimise databases for efficiency.

Verify data against any imported metadata or database with Check and Compare tools. Easily pinpoint mismatches in data to fix anomalies.

Merge data from columns within multiple files or combine multiple files together with confidence. Altera uses smart checks to avoid possible conflicts when merging data. 

Create and export reports in PDF or HTML formats. Easily customise layouts to suit your production needs.

Tech specs

  • Operating System: macOS
  • Supported file types for Import/Export (Read/Write): .ALE, .CDL, .CCC, .EDL, .MHL**, .CSV, Final Cut XML*, ACES AMF*, .AAF*, OpenTimelineIO (OTIO)*.
    * coming soon, **(read only)


  • Report Types: .PDF, .HTML
  • Licence Type: User based. Limited to 2 simultaneous installs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there limitations with the free trial?

None at all. We want you to test Altera without any limitations so you know what to expect.

Do I need a credit card for a free trial?

Absolutely not. We want the test period to be as trouble free as possible. All you need to provide is basic contact information so we can send a licence and download link to your email address.

How do I cancel a free trial?

All free trials have a limited duration and will simply expire when the 14 days have passed. You won’t auto enrol into a paid plan so you don’t need to take any action to cancel if you don’t plan to continue.

What operating system is Altera available for?

Altera is currently available for macOS only. We continually review customer requests and could look into supporting Windows and Linux in the future.

Can I mix monthly and yearly subscriptions?

Yes! We understand that productions can ramp up or down so having the ability to purchase yearly licenses for the cost-saving then ramping up with monthly can provide the flexibility needed. Monthly plans can be requested here.

Which forms of payment are accepted?

Major credit or debit cards are accepted, such as Mastercard, Visa and American Express. Bank transfers are possible with Enterprise plans for volume orders.

Is sales tax included in the price?

Yes, local sales tax is included based on the billing address provided.

Where can I find support for Altera?

Please visit the knowledge base for documentation and guides on how to use Altera. Please send us any requests for additional guides.