Metadata management, automated

Altera is a standalone clip based metadata management tool, designed for archiving, re-organising, performing QC and exchanging the “data about your data”, allowing for powerful automations of daily workflows, to make them faster, easier and error free.

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Streamlined workflows
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Check and verify the consistency of your metadata, saving hours of manual cross-checking and avoid costly mistakes, with a purpose-built clip based metadata management software.

Fast-track your ALE turnaround

Altera is a project based software application that can import, alter and export metadata files and export these files in multiple formats.

  • Import/Export

    Import and manage metadata from standard file containers e.g. ALE, EDL and export into multiple different formats (eg .cdl, .csv).

  • Find & Replace

    Easily find and replace metadata to modify, add and fix your metadata, using powerful RegEx tools

  • Merge & Append

    Merge and append metadata from multiple files, even from different formats

  • Layouts

    Create custom layouts to filter and review your data

Altera provides smart tools to allow you
to keep your data under control

Smart bins

PDF Export

Shared project collaboration

Database comparison

Features and Tools

  • Import/Export
  • Layout
  • Smart Bins
  • Database
  • Check and Compare
  • Merge and Append
  • Report
Altera is able to import metadata from an extensive number of different formats, which allows you to be able to transform and adapt your data for any need. For instance, you can merge together ALEs with EDLs, or CDL/CCC and export them as new ALEs, or new EDLs, or new CDL/CCC

The Export Tool allows users to easily create presets and export your metadata in multiple different formats in once.

Layouts will help you to organise all your metadata, make different formats consistent with one another and have a powerful tool to easily filter all your data for quick review or export. 

You can create multiple layouts and save them as presets. 

Smart bins allows users to filter/group metadata dynamically based on user defined rules and keywords. This allows you to have a constantly updated list of clips that fit a specific set of criteria and metadata. 

For example, you can group together all clips from A camera, or all clips that share the same resolution from your entire project. You can use any single metadata or combination of that to create your custom rules and filters. 

Altera allows you to import and create custom databases that work as a reference when performing your Check and Compare. Metadata can be imported from simple CSV or from complex file formats such as MHL, CCC or AMF. Altera offers a smart tool to filter and clean these files in order to become useful databases.
Check and compare allows users to verify data against any imported metadata or a database. This has many use cases but an example would be to scrutinise the resolution of your original camera files and compare it against a predefined database to automatically spot and flag any anomalies.

Another example would be to compare your metadata against an MHL manifest to make sure that all your clips have been safely downloaded and verified.

Merge data from columns within multiple files or combine multiple files. This is not a dumb copy and paste, as Altera will perform a smart check of your data and be aware of each clip and its metadata so that, if a clip already exists while merging, Altera will provide a useful tool to check and solve any possible conflicts!

A good use case could be combining a batch of metadata files from a whole day of camera rolls into a single master ALE, or merging metadata coming from two separate ALE files made by different softwares for the same roll.

Altera allows users to create and export custom PDF and HTML reports using standard HTML+CSS language users can create custom layouts for these reports to make them fit your production needs.

Tech Specs

  • Operating Systems: Mac OSX
  • Supported file types for Import/Export (Read/Write): .ALE, .CDL, .CCC, .EDL, .MHL**, .CSV, Final Cut XML*, ACES AMF*, .AAF*, Open Timeline I/O (OTIO)*.
    * coming soon, **(read only)


  • Report Types: .PDF, .HTML
  • Licence Type: User based. Limited to 2 simultaneous installs.

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