Advanced framing chart and resolution pipeline design software
The ultimate software for designing, managing and sharing FDLs and Framing Charts
FrameCraft is the only software that allows you to plan and manage the resolution pipeline for your production. Build fully customised framing charts for any production stage: from source camera formats to dailies, VFX pulls and finishing. FrameCraft automatically calculates correct child frame charts from the master and publishes the results on our secure online platform, so you can share them with all your stakeholders.

Create, Organise, and Share Framing Charts

FrameCraft lets you design unlimited master framing charts with custom graphics, metadata fields, and framelines. Charts can be managed in a cloud library, published for online access, and distributed as file exports.

“Easily build the exact framing charts required for each camera format, and never waste time manually calculating or doubting chart accuracy.”



Load framing charts from our existing library, or save your own as templates.

Graphics Layout

Personalise text and graphics and save them as templates. Graphics layouts automatically scale and adjust for your child frame charts.


Share journeys online for authorised stakeholders and teams to access, review, and apply notes. Create PDF reports.

The Power Interoperability

FrameCraft enables seamless integration, conversion, and automation of framing and resolution workflow, for any use case, regardless of your current tools.

  • Import/Export ASC FDL

    Import or Export framing charts or framing journeys as ASC FDL files.

  • Camera-Compatible Formats export

    Output master and child FrameCraft charts as files loadable in-camera or vendor software for simplified handoff.

  • Export JPG, TIF, EXR

    Render FrameCraft charts into a variety of file types to facilitate collaboration across any pipeline.

  • Color Space Aware

    Define the chart’s color space during export to ensure it matches your pipeline requirements. Compatible with any display or camera color space.

Generate scaled child charts for your pipeline with Extraction Journey

FrameCraft allows users to connect multiple master framing charts together into "extraction journeys": define your production stages and FrameCraft will automatically calculate scaled child versions of your master charts. From source cameras to dailies, VFX Pulls and finishing, FrameCraft can automatically calculate your charts from end-to-end.

“Confidently standardise framing chart delivery into every show now, simplifying hand-off between departments and facilitating clear communication on framing intent throughout post.”



Control exact scaling method used to calculate child charts: rounding, aspect ratio preservation, even pixels and offsets.


Set extraction stages for your pipeline and link charts together to calculate scaled child versions automatically.


Preview and check exact specs of child charts on the fly, to verify how they stay close to the master chart intent.

Lens Coverage and Vignetting

FrameCraft lets you validate whether your production lenses fully cover the camera sensor's region of interest as defined by your master charts. FrameCraft allows you to select pre-existing lenses from an extensive library or allows you to add your own.

“Instantly validate lens coverage across potential camera and framing setups, ensuring my creative choices won't result in undesirable vignetting.”


Lens Library

Import and store lens profiles into projects for easy access and analysis.

Vignetting Visualisation

Overlay vignetting heat maps and greyscales onto framing charts for any selected lens, aperture, and focal length.

Coverage Feedback

Status marks on framing charts indicate whether current lens selections cover the frame lines, allowing users to quickly identify risky combinations to flag.

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